Monday, March 30, 2009

I Am Remembering

by HV

Questions stir my mind, and others
Wanting to know haunts me…

Standing in the rain,
Hurt, floored by emotional defeat
Tears mixed with raindrops pouring down my cheeks
And I remember…

There were smiles a mile wide
That would cover her face,
Polished, her language was eloquent,
Attire always perfect and seemingly unapproachable
Her level appeared notches higher than average

Old colleagues reunited in the open air
Mud seeping from beneath the trampled grass
By naked weeping trees, here and there, hovering over
A hole in the ground,
The sad hellos, tight embraces
And a faint "How are you?
Good to see you!"
Exchanged tension of pain

Faces hang low, glances apportioned
With deep stares into the white light of day,
Questions the lingering thought on the tips of tongues
About that night of her birth

A distant place from where lives once intertwined
Memories rich and fading
Where death is congregated harmoniously and
Under the guise of one severed from earth and rejoined

Humility and sadness were the faint voices
In the midst of such unfamiliar encounter
We stood, once again complete strangers
And spoke in discomfort

No longer strangers...
I am remembering you.


Cinn said...

wow..again strong images. The connection between honoring death, celebrating life and exploring difficult to navigate. I think you this piece was great.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

What a heartfelt, emotionally-charged poem. Nice work!!