Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Time

Under the cool spotlight
I strolled until I was front and center
New faces, eager minds, attentive ears
All stared at me

Timidly, I took the mic and
Confirmed my virginity

"My first time here so you choose.
Tongue Bath or Lyrical Bliss?"

I opened my mouth to read the first word
The room fell quiet so everyone heard
And I proceeded, carefully annunciating my syllables
Slightly shaking, I focused my pupil so
I wouldn't miss a word
As I read

Reactionary sounds filled the room as audience members
Whispered things like damn, ooh, yeah...

Entertained and engaged,
Holding on to each word released from my lips
My indoor voice captivated them as I conveyed its sentiments

Too much to handle
Mouths hitting the floor
For a first time offender
Delivering his Lyrical Bliss

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