Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My tongue has penetrated your lips, you are smiling
My voice has penetrated your ear drums, it is soothing
My ears listen to the steady beats of your heart, it is pulsating
My fingers feel they rhythm of your soul, it is vibrating

Smiling lips curl with the rising of the sun
Soothing voice speaks in tongues when
I touch your rhythmic soul with sweating finger
Passing over your tickled breasts
You are pulsating and vibrating,
Permeating the sweet scents of Shea butter that lather to cleanse your skin
Bubbles pop and reform like in a moment or rebirth
You are vibrating
Channeling energy and sound through my mind,
The ocean front mimics yours sighs of relief
It breathes in and exhales in syncopation with you

You become earth's vibrations.

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