Monday, March 16, 2009

A Daughters' Tears

Him touch mi!"

What you saying to me?

After all this time,
I see the both of you
Watching TV on the couch
Sometimes playing Ludo
You seem happy
He seemed to care
You really want to tell me
His mind was elsewhere?

How can you tell me such a big lie?
Trying to break us up,
Trying to make me cry?
I don't believe a word cause
I know he loves you,
Better tell me the truth or a sending you away

I keep telling you to stop wearing those shorts
Them little mini skirts and those belly-skin shirts
I tell you to behave and don't act loose
I tell you learn how to cook
So you may have some use

You don't listen to what I say
You cut me with your eyes
Now you staring in my face an'
Telling pure lies

He takes care of me
He treats me real nice
He's been here for 10 years
And it's our anniversary

He buys me flowers all the time
Sometimes clothes too
You see that new Lexus
And you want me to believe you?
Get out of my face
You disgust me!

Listen to me,
Him touch me!

It's not the first time
It surely wasn't once.
The last time he did
I stabbed him in his hands
He told you that was a cut he got from work

He didn't tell you his balls were hurting from a knee jerk
He started four years ago
Why you think he doesn't like to hear the radio?

The talk shows always talk about stuff like he did
I bet you don't know that he has five more kids
I'm not the only one that he's touched that's under age
You can ask these other three girls,
Here's their number on this page

I wouldn't tell you this to hurt you, mama
But I had to tell you the truth
You needed to know he molest boys too
You need to leave this brute

And you say I disgust you,
You say get out your face
I will leave tonight
So he can take my place

You say I seem happy,
You don't know how much I cry
I only show you smiles while I grimace inside
'Cause I know you would tell me they are lies

I tried to tell you before
You slap me cross my face
Sent me away to my daddy,
Though you know he takin' freebase

Is that how you treat your daughter,
When you're supposed to love and listen?
Don’t come looking for me
Don't even report me missin'

After all this time,
I cried night after night
Eyes swollen like I was jumped by wasps in my sleep
Bombarded with nightmares, and bad memories
Of me held against my will, and
Bound to your bed posts

Blood running down my leg and
Printing through my skirt
And you thought I was maturing too fast
You think I needed wings at seven

Bruises on my neck and body
But you think my looseness
Got me into schoolyard fights

How did he explain the scratches in his face, and
On his chest as he bore his musty weight down on me?

My wrists were wrapped
From the sprain of pushing so hard
I fought when I wasn't unconscious after being pounded
My small frame crumbled beneath his
And no one was there

You were not there,
And you call me a liar?
You choose him over me?

Here is your anniversary gift,
A river of tears from your daughter.

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