Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Chat With Millie J

You know,
The other day I sat in an old Piano lounge
By the Charles River, sippin’ on some Hennessey and chatting with my boys,
Talking about some stuff like what men talk about

As I scanned the small smoke-filled room,
Who do I see, Ms. Jackson,
Yeah, Millie Jackson

This woman's like a mystery,
Yeah, Millie is bad,
She was real bad back in the days,

Sitting there, looking at her,
She's eyeing me,

I strolled over to her and said,
“Millie, you're a fine ass woman.”
She says, “Young man, you ain’t bad yo’self.”
But you know, I’m an ole lady now
I said, "I know"

Back when you were throwing down on stages in
Hotlanta and Chi-town,
I was in my crib with a bib roun’ my neck, puking an' pissin'.
She turned and said, “So you’ve heard my song?”
Yeah, I’ve heard, “Young man, older woman.” [Melody]


Still haven't changed. You are looking good
And like you, I know I ain’t had good sex till I’ve had an older woman

“Stop it son!”
Yeah, I guess I will… because you passed the limit.
I’m a young buckin’ stallion rippin shit up.
You gettn’ fragile now
Can’t handle no stallion no more?
I’ve had some older woman, and you were right,
But I don’t go pass 45.

At that age, you gotta sip it and, whew!
Giver her some tender loving,
Oh yeah, that Colt 45

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