Monday, March 16, 2009

Heart Of A Woman

Can you see the heart of a woman that cries a lot?
All the pain and struggle that keeps hitting that spot,
When she comes to you humbly to share her grief
Do you consider consoling without being a thief?

She opens her walls to allow you in
Thinking you were the man that might help her win
She thought the fire in her eyes would make you stay
But you took what you could and rolled away

Think about the crime you just commit,
She did nothing but tells you she wanted to quit
You showed her there was more to life than this shit
Then you did the same thing, hit and eventually quit!

How can you expect her to trust and love again?
And you wonder why she said she hates all men
You saw where she stood and you met her half way
But ran when she came to you and say,

"Sweetie, you know that I've been hurt
I always meet men that treat me like dirt
You came in my life when I was down and out,
Damn near suicidal, I was walking that route.

I opened up to you and started living this dream
You didn't ask, but you figured out my favorite ice-cream
When I needed someone you've been there for me
Now that I can walk again, and my vision is free

My heart has a place for you I want you in my life
I can see right now that I want to be your wife
I've been feeling this way and wanted you to know
That my feelings haven't stopped since they began to grow

I hope you feel the same, you haven't shown me otherwise
I believe everything you say, you haven't told me lies
When you touch me I melt and get on my knees
And give you satisfaction 'cause I'm not a tease.

So tell me you love me and you want to be here
When I leave home in the mornings I miss being there
I come home and hustle to make your meal
I know how to treat a king and how one should feel
We've been together for a while and I am in bliss
Far from where you met me, ready to cut my wrist
I didn't hide anything from you, I laid it all out
You stuck around and helped me to figure things out

So what do you say, gon' let us jump this broom?
I want us to be one so our love can fill this room
We can plan this together and make it our day
And use the "Masterpiece" song and dance the night away."

Another kick to her stomach, you delivered the last blow
How could you say nothing or that you don't know,
After you wined and dined her and dipped in the cookie jar
She even stayed home while you balled in her car

She even stopped working at your request
Why you didn't tell her that it was just sex
You had your damn skeletons, but kept your closet closed
That's how she didn't realize you mess with dicks.

You knew she was bruised and scarred for years
You knew when she cried that they weren't fake tears
You knew she was troubled when she sat with the knife,
To slice her wrist, to take her own life.

Though she had money she couldn't buy peace
You came as her savior and got in with ease
You knew she had loot 'cause you checked her shit
That's why you stuck around long enough to hit and quit.

She wasn't the reason your pops done turned you out
Sold your ass to dudes just to make some clout
You might still be pissed but that's not her fault
You could've opened up and shared what's in your heart

Now that she's broken, and so are you
She has moved on with a big "negro fuck you!"
You are still here back to square one
Lamenting her passing, 'cause her life is done.

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