Monday, March 16, 2009

Lyrical Bliss

Kiss it again baby…
Aaawwww, yessss!

You hold me real close then you begin to tease
Kissing me softly, bringing me to my knees
Touching me tender, come and quench my thirst
You can be the one baby, you can be my first

Brown-skinned chocolate lying on my chest
Let me unbutton your blouse and fondle your breast
I can lick your neck and massage your thighs
But you know I can’t do that while I open my eyes

I like the way you move, how you take things slow
Inquiring minds wanna know how you dip it down low
The way you sway your hips, kiss your finger tips
And part your thick, soft, juicy, glossy painted lips

Put them on me baby don’t make me wait
I’m not tryna cum quick but I don’t wanna be late
You bring tears to my eyes and a smile to my cheek
I didn’t know that your touch could make a brother this weak

Kiss me baby, keep going don’t stop
I’ll pull your thongs with my teeth and make em drop
Put my finger in places that will make you moan
While you bow to this Mandingo King on his throne
You reach for my rod of correction without fear
And take it in as I run my fingers through your hair
I massage your neck, my hands fall to your spine
No need to rush, we have a lot of time

"My turn", she whispered

Sit back motherfucka, now that you’ve been pleased
It’s your turn to get the fuck on your knees
Stick out your tongue and taste this spot
Feel the steam in your face cause you made it hot
I’m a wrap these thighs around your neck
Bring you slowly to the ground till you hit the deck
You got yours,
I gotta get mine and I ain’t their yet
I’m a ride this mothafucka, put your game in check.

I slide down your pole, legs around your waist
Slow it down, take it easy, no need for haste
Body sweating, heavy breathing, you know I love that taste.

Ooooh, yeah,
I like it like this, firm and glazed
Like this lyrical bliss.

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