Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cherishing You

by HV

Can I show you that I cherish you?

You said,
My hug spoke to you when I extended my arms to engulf you, and
Your body responded

My lips caressed the veins that ran beneath the nape of your neck, and
Your mind responded

My touch transcended something to you that yearn for, and
Your spirit responded

You look deeply into my eyes while I hold you close
You see things you prefer not to reveal
And that scares you the most

You kiss me softly on my cheek, and your lips revealed secrets,
The same secrets that were exposed when I stole a portion of your lips with mine,
I was tempted to touch you and you the same,
But I restrained myself, not wanting to have any regrets

Our chemistry built and
Created the beginning of a perfect quilt.
The role to cherish you haven't been defined
But I'll take on the task, with a small step in time.

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