Monday, March 30, 2009

I Am Remembering

by HV

Questions stir my mind, and others
Wanting to know haunts me…

Standing in the rain,
Hurt, floored by emotional defeat
Tears mixed with raindrops pouring down my cheeks
And I remember…

There were smiles a mile wide
That would cover her face,
Polished, her language was eloquent,
Attire always perfect and seemingly unapproachable
Her level appeared notches higher than average

Old colleagues reunited in the open air
Mud seeping from beneath the trampled grass
By naked weeping trees, here and there, hovering over
A hole in the ground,
The sad hellos, tight embraces
And a faint "How are you?
Good to see you!"
Exchanged tension of pain

Faces hang low, glances apportioned
With deep stares into the white light of day,
Questions the lingering thought on the tips of tongues
About that night of her birth

A distant place from where lives once intertwined
Memories rich and fading
Where death is congregated harmoniously and
Under the guise of one severed from earth and rejoined

Humility and sadness were the faint voices
In the midst of such unfamiliar encounter
We stood, once again complete strangers
And spoke in discomfort

No longer strangers...
I am remembering you.

Friday, March 27, 2009


by HV

Walking along the shopping boulevard,
I thought deceit had filled my blood-shot eyes
I stopped for a minute,
I stared

Through tinted glass windows
She caught my eyes,
I locked her in
Like a target in the scope of a snipers rifle
Clad in a skin-tight black skirt,
She stood still.
With curves sharper than a Sumari,
She was ready to manhandle her prey.

I took a few steps to get a closer look.
My heart beat faster
As my mind filled with
Thoughts of being in her.
Vivid images raced through me
Images of tender touches, endless caresses
My fingers tensed. I could feel
Them washing her dark succulent body
To rid her of the dust that invaded her skin.

I stepped in to face my fear
Of this earthly creature,
a beauty so rare

The cold AC stimulates her sensitive buttons
As she stood, poised on the showroom floor,
I strolled around her,
She had a beautiful rear so tight,
The sight was almost painful to bear.
With my eyes glued to her
Almond-shaped halogen green eyes,
We stared at each other.
I touched her with my right hand, but she stood still
As I made its way down her side,
Her sparkle-filled chrome-like finished shoe dazzled me

Her rock-hard musculature revealed
Her courage within

I slid my hand beneath her skirt
To find the secret she hid
Fine pistons and 500 horses
Roamed her grassy land.
Her juices were four strengths richer
Than the V8 we sip on a hot summer day.

My thirst she quenched,
I looked no more.
I took her home and
Thirst no more
For my Mercedes SL 600

Finding Silence

by HV

At the break of dawn you exit your cocoon to encounter bird chirping, cars screeching, people yelling while crossing the heavily prodded streets, escaping the near misses of cabs trying to drive amidst you. You grab a cup of joe and enter the office that seems like a zoo had just opened its gates. There is no escaping the chaotic atmosphere that bombards you. There is no retreating to your cocoon you just left. There is only one option, finding your own silence.
Silence in the midst of chaos can be the most soul awakening event you can ever experience.

Is It Worth It?

by HV

On a bleak Friday evening before I left the office, an instant message was sent to me with a link to an article titled, "Barack Obama's aunt faces crucial immigration hearing."

The story has been in the press for quite sometime, and politicians and writers alike are feeding on this story for a reason. I think they want to see how Obama will respond to it.
So, she could potentially be sent back to Kenya for whatever reason they believe it's worth the hassle.

There was a similar situation a number of years ago when a Cuban boy was found at sea, brought to the U.S. but eventually returned to Cuba. Unfortunately his mom died while trying to flee Cuba to come to the land of opportunity. I was a bit peeved about this story because from what I hear, there are many others who have attempted the same passage, but never made it, but it is never highlighted on the national news circuit like this story was. I think we know why that is though.

A few things bother me about the thoughts behind the bigger picture. What is so great about this country, that people will risk their lives to come here, while folks who were born and raised here don't realize? If this land is so rich with opportunity, why are we in the state we are currently in?

Besides the evil, opportunists who will steal your eye out the socket if you sleep too long and too heavy, or the capitalists who will stop at nothing to claim top man in the ranks of richest person in the world, what is it about this land that people are willing to take a small boat not even fit to transport a cow across a rising river, across the ocean to come here. If Zeituni Onyango was not related to Obama, might have been living here for another 20 years and not be found out to be an illegal immigrant. But that is beside the point. I am not for illegal immigrants running rampage in the country and receiving the same benefits I get as a tax paying, law abiding citizen, especially if they are here and making it worse for those who earned the right to be here. If they get her, contribute to society and stay lawful while illegal, I can live with that.

Still I ponder why is this nation so great that folks risk their lives to come HERE?

Looking at thing from a financial standpoint, nothing here is free. I could have an easier life living in the islands where land is abundant and some people act more neighborly.
You can ask a man for a hand of bananas, if you cut his yard. Another might even let you use a patch of land to plant some crops if you maintain it well, and give him some of what you grow.

The inconsistencies, ideologies, and unpleasantries that you sometimes encounter on a day-to-day basis make it more difficult accepting the trade-off. Then again, no one here really knows what situation they are trying to escape. Is there even a situation to escape. Still I ask, is it really worth it?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mi Casa

by HV

This raggedy broken down house
I live in with my grandmother
was erected when she was two. Only a child,
a curious brat that hung around the stove,
she watched her father cook. He always read the almanac,
his daily guide to planting ground crops. Tears

from heaven were his blessings, but too many tears
were shed. The river ran wild and beat against the house
after overflowing its banks. The almanac
never revealed the fury from the sky. Grandmother
grew hungry as it poured, lit the coal stove
and heated bed warmers to heat the bed for her child.

Hunger crept in as the rain fell. Her child
grew a bellyache from gas pains and cried tears
to honor his discomfort. She heated a can of soup on the stove
and fed him, then surveyed the house.
the rain eased as my grandmother
prayed, she never liked the almanac.

As the tears dried, the almanac
showed my grandmother serenity, she put out the coal stove
after feeding the child and repaired the battered house.


My tongue has penetrated your lips, you are smiling
My voice has penetrated your ear drums, it is soothing
My ears listen to the steady beats of your heart, it is pulsating
My fingers feel they rhythm of your soul, it is vibrating

Smiling lips curl with the rising of the sun
Soothing voice speaks in tongues when
I touch your rhythmic soul with sweating finger
Passing over your tickled breasts
You are pulsating and vibrating,
Permeating the sweet scents of Shea butter that lather to cleanse your skin
Bubbles pop and reform like in a moment or rebirth
You are vibrating
Channeling energy and sound through my mind,
The ocean front mimics yours sighs of relief
It breathes in and exhales in syncopation with you

You become earth's vibrations.

Night Train

by HV

Sunglasses cover wild tired eyes of strangers' faces on the Ashmont line,
Heads turn each time the train makes a stop,
After the automated destination announcement is made
Curiosity points their eyes toward the doors
Who's coming on?
Where are the going to sit?
They spread themselves more to make less room

New faces of people returning home from work or heading some place new enter the train
The unsure ones will stand in anxiety and examine the transit map before they take a seat
Some have headphones blasting music or narrating e-books in their ears,
They bop their heads or stare into the abyss
Others have their heads bowed low in a book inches thick with fine prints, and book markers hanging, it takes them a little while to turn the page

An old white lady in a faded purple jacket and
Pink sweat pants a seat away reads the New Yorker
With caricatures jumping off the opposite page,
Engrossed in her pleasure reading, she almost missed her stop

Night train keeps you waiting,
You leave one world for another until you reach your stop,
No more magazine pages flipping, silent riders reading and
Students' cue cards get placed in memory for that mid-term quiz tomorrow

"Next stop, JFK/UMass, change here for the Braintree train"
The train slowly halts and half the train exits, eyes glance and heads turn back to check for belongings
Expressions breathe a sigh of relief as they reach their destination
Mouths release weary yawns as sleep set in, they check their watches,
And their phone messages

"Hello, I'm almost at Ashmont, can you come get me?"
Calls placed to that friendly voice, waiting to see your companion after a long day
Smiles return as they exit at the sound, "Last stop, Ashmont Station"
Sluggishly some make their way and disappear in the waiting vehicles
While others on foot vanish in the night.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Simply Lovely

by HV

a day like today,
purely lovely

Bright rays escape the clouds to shine down and illuminate you
It touches your skin and is absorbed within,
I see you spirit dancing when your name is called
I see your heartbeats increase like the bass of house music

It is happy and
the sun becomes a part of you
you shine like the sparks from an inferno
you burn hot and run wild like lava overflowing its mount

Bodies of water makes way for you
the earth fears you and changes color after your footsteps
Shrubs and trees cringe in your presence and the heavens adore you
Lovely you are, radiant, like a phoenix on high
Simple, and purely lovely.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Shower Blues

by HV

I will enjoy you
I envision you beneath the drops of hot water dancing on your skin
The heat penetrates your pores and open them
To entertain the steam rising from the surface and
Your body responds to the drops as they massage you

My jealous eyes try to penetrate you as
They are intrigued just to sit back
And watch you anoint and lather your skin
With body wash made from Shea Butter,

You slowly lift your arms to reach for something not there
And reveal the hidden curves of your cinnamon figure,
Bubbles form and pop as the water runs down your neck,
Between your melon-sized breasts and drip off the point of your nipples,
They firmly point, knowing they're being watch and lusted after

I bend a little lower to allow more light to highlight your contours
And catch a peek at your belly button
You twist your hip to conceal your delta of Venus
While reaching back to remove the dust formed from being outside
You continue to lather your skin,
Make your way tenderly down your body

You extend your left leg,
Raised it and slowly reached forward to wash your calf and feet
While my eyes are glued to your every movement
I follow you,
Your breasts extend themselves exposing their fullness
And gravity pulls them closer to her

In that moment you become more irresistible than ever
My breathing becomes heavier and I begin to react
I unbutton my shirt and slowly remove it while silhouettes of you
Attack my mind

I breathe a deep sigh, and moaned, forgetting you didn't know I was there
You turn to catch me stooped on one knee with my head cocked back
And my eyes closed, as I run my fingers through my hair,
Pretending it is yours that I caress

A bit startled, you reach for you wash cloth to cover your essentials,
But it was too late,
I had already penetrated you in my thoughts
And your body was damn near overheating
And not believing that I had invaded your comfort zone

You tried to scream but there was no sound
You reached out for me, to hit me, to
Touch me
But you are confused,

You reach for me to pull me in the shower with you but I am already there
I am the water that flows over your skin,
That ran through your bosom
That dripped from your nipple
I am the heat that opened your pores and allowed myself in without a key
I am in you and now you are witnessing the better part of me inside of you

Your body reacts to me as I cover you
You led me from the follicles of your hair
Down your body, into your pores,
You gargle and swallow my essence

You lead me to the warmer parts of you that the light does not see
You flushed me into your crevices where your juices flow from
Me touching you and you touching me
You let me taste your body, wrapped in bubbles that I pop one by one
You tried to scream when I got too hot for you
But you handled me

You engulfed me as I engulfed you
You bask in the abyss of knowing that
I was deep inside you from both ends
I made you sing
My shower blues

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cherishing You

by HV

Can I show you that I cherish you?

You said,
My hug spoke to you when I extended my arms to engulf you, and
Your body responded

My lips caressed the veins that ran beneath the nape of your neck, and
Your mind responded

My touch transcended something to you that yearn for, and
Your spirit responded

You look deeply into my eyes while I hold you close
You see things you prefer not to reveal
And that scares you the most

You kiss me softly on my cheek, and your lips revealed secrets,
The same secrets that were exposed when I stole a portion of your lips with mine,
I was tempted to touch you and you the same,
But I restrained myself, not wanting to have any regrets

Our chemistry built and
Created the beginning of a perfect quilt.
The role to cherish you haven't been defined
But I'll take on the task, with a small step in time.

A Chat With Millie J

You know,
The other day I sat in an old Piano lounge
By the Charles River, sippin’ on some Hennessey and chatting with my boys,
Talking about some stuff like what men talk about

As I scanned the small smoke-filled room,
Who do I see, Ms. Jackson,
Yeah, Millie Jackson

This woman's like a mystery,
Yeah, Millie is bad,
She was real bad back in the days,

Sitting there, looking at her,
She's eyeing me,

I strolled over to her and said,
“Millie, you're a fine ass woman.”
She says, “Young man, you ain’t bad yo’self.”
But you know, I’m an ole lady now
I said, "I know"

Back when you were throwing down on stages in
Hotlanta and Chi-town,
I was in my crib with a bib roun’ my neck, puking an' pissin'.
She turned and said, “So you’ve heard my song?”
Yeah, I’ve heard, “Young man, older woman.” [Melody]


Still haven't changed. You are looking good
And like you, I know I ain’t had good sex till I’ve had an older woman

“Stop it son!”
Yeah, I guess I will… because you passed the limit.
I’m a young buckin’ stallion rippin shit up.
You gettn’ fragile now
Can’t handle no stallion no more?
I’ve had some older woman, and you were right,
But I don’t go pass 45.

At that age, you gotta sip it and, whew!
Giver her some tender loving,
Oh yeah, that Colt 45

A Black Thang

A black woman
Dates a black man
Then have a black baby
Via a black egg and a black sperm

The black woman
Feeds the black baby
With her black breasts
That squirts almost white milk
Why is the milk almost white?
Fine…no problem

A pink woman
Seduce a black man
The black man feels sorry for the pink woman
The black man and the pink woman
Have a tangle that produces a confused mulatto baby
In light of a disagreement,
The black man pulls right, the pink woman pulls left
The black man wins the tug-o-war
The pink woman claims it is theft

The pink woman lied to mulatto baby
So the mulatto baby think he’s pink
The mulatto baby discovers the truth
And then said pink people stink

The pink justice
Defends the pink woman
For the black man have no right
The mulatto baby like the black man
But don’t understand why the black man always has to fight.
So the pink woman tells the mulatto baby that
The black man dark like night

The pink woman convince the mulatto baby that
Pink is not an ink
But is because she bathe every night and day
Then cover herself with fancy mink
The mulatto baby believed
Didn’t know he was deceived
Cause there’s no black man to take his own stand

The pink woman tells the mulatto baby to
Act pink
Talk pink
Sing pink
Dance pink
Wear pink
Smell pink
Live pink and think pink.

But the mulatto baby remembered
When the black man had said…
Act black
Talk black
Sing black
Dance black
Dress black
Live black and think black
Just be yourself,
Be black, 'cause you are black.

The mulatto baby then said
Pink is stink covered in mink
That allows you privileges of all kind
Black is the target of all oppression,
A CIA bullet and an imprisoned life

If I act pink,
I can get away with the deadliest crime
I can beat a nigger and not worry
I can do all sorts of things and cover it up
I would have the pink justice system to back me
And…I wouldn’t have to worry about jobs

But if I be myself, be black
All hell would break loose
Cops watching my ass everywhere I go
Storekeepers acting like surveillance cameras
I might be in jail or dead by the time I hit twenty
Need I say more?
Cause y’all know the rest of the story

The mulatto baby then said (crying)
I wish I had a black mother
I wish that pink woman hadn’t seduced my black father
I wish it were a black thang
Cause once you go black you can’t go back
But once you go pink
You’ll forever need a shrink.

To The T

Right beside me sat my conscience
My destiny and my truth
Beautiful, and untamed
Like a child losing a tooth
Her free spirit roams the Serengeti
Like big cats seeking a prey
Letting her tongue loose
Only for a foolish male to pay

Touching her is like feeling
Talcum powder on your bare skin
Many fear her unleashed wrath
The unprovoked she holds within
True to her words, more tender than grace
I see her future when I look in her face.

Head covered with a stripe blue Kangol
Matching coat warms her voluptuous body in the cold
Thick thighs and onion booty
The kind I love to hold.

Something Good

Send me something good
Send me something more revealing
More visible than a tree in the wilderness
Something close enough to reveal the pistil in your flower

I liked that one but it is still covered,
The flower is not revealed

You say you don't send things
Like that to someone casual
Someone you barely know the meaning of their name

You think I am bad news because
I get you to act unladylike?
You want me to delete my prized possession?

Why would I delete from memory the imagery
Of you and your garden of Eden
That I hold so dear

Send me something good

You say the words I speak
Or put on paper is the fruit of my poison
It's got you tantalized and will probably
Have you spreading eagle at the drop of
Another phrase

You say my words have you losing common sense
And sensibility, but you reveal the rhythm of your heart
When you robe yourself in the tantric sound of my voice

I challenge you to a dance on my Soca head,
And a drink and wine till you regain your senses

Send me something good.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Daughters' Tears

Him touch mi!"

What you saying to me?

After all this time,
I see the both of you
Watching TV on the couch
Sometimes playing Ludo
You seem happy
He seemed to care
You really want to tell me
His mind was elsewhere?

How can you tell me such a big lie?
Trying to break us up,
Trying to make me cry?
I don't believe a word cause
I know he loves you,
Better tell me the truth or a sending you away

I keep telling you to stop wearing those shorts
Them little mini skirts and those belly-skin shirts
I tell you to behave and don't act loose
I tell you learn how to cook
So you may have some use

You don't listen to what I say
You cut me with your eyes
Now you staring in my face an'
Telling pure lies

He takes care of me
He treats me real nice
He's been here for 10 years
And it's our anniversary

He buys me flowers all the time
Sometimes clothes too
You see that new Lexus
And you want me to believe you?
Get out of my face
You disgust me!

Listen to me,
Him touch me!

It's not the first time
It surely wasn't once.
The last time he did
I stabbed him in his hands
He told you that was a cut he got from work

He didn't tell you his balls were hurting from a knee jerk
He started four years ago
Why you think he doesn't like to hear the radio?

The talk shows always talk about stuff like he did
I bet you don't know that he has five more kids
I'm not the only one that he's touched that's under age
You can ask these other three girls,
Here's their number on this page

I wouldn't tell you this to hurt you, mama
But I had to tell you the truth
You needed to know he molest boys too
You need to leave this brute

And you say I disgust you,
You say get out your face
I will leave tonight
So he can take my place

You say I seem happy,
You don't know how much I cry
I only show you smiles while I grimace inside
'Cause I know you would tell me they are lies

I tried to tell you before
You slap me cross my face
Sent me away to my daddy,
Though you know he takin' freebase

Is that how you treat your daughter,
When you're supposed to love and listen?
Don’t come looking for me
Don't even report me missin'

After all this time,
I cried night after night
Eyes swollen like I was jumped by wasps in my sleep
Bombarded with nightmares, and bad memories
Of me held against my will, and
Bound to your bed posts

Blood running down my leg and
Printing through my skirt
And you thought I was maturing too fast
You think I needed wings at seven

Bruises on my neck and body
But you think my looseness
Got me into schoolyard fights

How did he explain the scratches in his face, and
On his chest as he bore his musty weight down on me?

My wrists were wrapped
From the sprain of pushing so hard
I fought when I wasn't unconscious after being pounded
My small frame crumbled beneath his
And no one was there

You were not there,
And you call me a liar?
You choose him over me?

Here is your anniversary gift,
A river of tears from your daughter.

Lyrical Bliss

Kiss it again baby…
Aaawwww, yessss!

You hold me real close then you begin to tease
Kissing me softly, bringing me to my knees
Touching me tender, come and quench my thirst
You can be the one baby, you can be my first

Brown-skinned chocolate lying on my chest
Let me unbutton your blouse and fondle your breast
I can lick your neck and massage your thighs
But you know I can’t do that while I open my eyes

I like the way you move, how you take things slow
Inquiring minds wanna know how you dip it down low
The way you sway your hips, kiss your finger tips
And part your thick, soft, juicy, glossy painted lips

Put them on me baby don’t make me wait
I’m not tryna cum quick but I don’t wanna be late
You bring tears to my eyes and a smile to my cheek
I didn’t know that your touch could make a brother this weak

Kiss me baby, keep going don’t stop
I’ll pull your thongs with my teeth and make em drop
Put my finger in places that will make you moan
While you bow to this Mandingo King on his throne
You reach for my rod of correction without fear
And take it in as I run my fingers through your hair
I massage your neck, my hands fall to your spine
No need to rush, we have a lot of time

"My turn", she whispered

Sit back motherfucka, now that you’ve been pleased
It’s your turn to get the fuck on your knees
Stick out your tongue and taste this spot
Feel the steam in your face cause you made it hot
I’m a wrap these thighs around your neck
Bring you slowly to the ground till you hit the deck
You got yours,
I gotta get mine and I ain’t their yet
I’m a ride this mothafucka, put your game in check.

I slide down your pole, legs around your waist
Slow it down, take it easy, no need for haste
Body sweating, heavy breathing, you know I love that taste.

Ooooh, yeah,
I like it like this, firm and glazed
Like this lyrical bliss.

Heart Of A Woman

Can you see the heart of a woman that cries a lot?
All the pain and struggle that keeps hitting that spot,
When she comes to you humbly to share her grief
Do you consider consoling without being a thief?

She opens her walls to allow you in
Thinking you were the man that might help her win
She thought the fire in her eyes would make you stay
But you took what you could and rolled away

Think about the crime you just commit,
She did nothing but tells you she wanted to quit
You showed her there was more to life than this shit
Then you did the same thing, hit and eventually quit!

How can you expect her to trust and love again?
And you wonder why she said she hates all men
You saw where she stood and you met her half way
But ran when she came to you and say,

"Sweetie, you know that I've been hurt
I always meet men that treat me like dirt
You came in my life when I was down and out,
Damn near suicidal, I was walking that route.

I opened up to you and started living this dream
You didn't ask, but you figured out my favorite ice-cream
When I needed someone you've been there for me
Now that I can walk again, and my vision is free

My heart has a place for you I want you in my life
I can see right now that I want to be your wife
I've been feeling this way and wanted you to know
That my feelings haven't stopped since they began to grow

I hope you feel the same, you haven't shown me otherwise
I believe everything you say, you haven't told me lies
When you touch me I melt and get on my knees
And give you satisfaction 'cause I'm not a tease.

So tell me you love me and you want to be here
When I leave home in the mornings I miss being there
I come home and hustle to make your meal
I know how to treat a king and how one should feel
We've been together for a while and I am in bliss
Far from where you met me, ready to cut my wrist
I didn't hide anything from you, I laid it all out
You stuck around and helped me to figure things out

So what do you say, gon' let us jump this broom?
I want us to be one so our love can fill this room
We can plan this together and make it our day
And use the "Masterpiece" song and dance the night away."

Another kick to her stomach, you delivered the last blow
How could you say nothing or that you don't know,
After you wined and dined her and dipped in the cookie jar
She even stayed home while you balled in her car

She even stopped working at your request
Why you didn't tell her that it was just sex
You had your damn skeletons, but kept your closet closed
That's how she didn't realize you mess with dicks.

You knew she was bruised and scarred for years
You knew when she cried that they weren't fake tears
You knew she was troubled when she sat with the knife,
To slice her wrist, to take her own life.

Though she had money she couldn't buy peace
You came as her savior and got in with ease
You knew she had loot 'cause you checked her shit
That's why you stuck around long enough to hit and quit.

She wasn't the reason your pops done turned you out
Sold your ass to dudes just to make some clout
You might still be pissed but that's not her fault
You could've opened up and shared what's in your heart

Now that she's broken, and so are you
She has moved on with a big "negro fuck you!"
You are still here back to square one
Lamenting her passing, 'cause her life is done.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Time

Under the cool spotlight
I strolled until I was front and center
New faces, eager minds, attentive ears
All stared at me

Timidly, I took the mic and
Confirmed my virginity

"My first time here so you choose.
Tongue Bath or Lyrical Bliss?"

I opened my mouth to read the first word
The room fell quiet so everyone heard
And I proceeded, carefully annunciating my syllables
Slightly shaking, I focused my pupil so
I wouldn't miss a word
As I read

Reactionary sounds filled the room as audience members
Whispered things like damn, ooh, yeah...

Entertained and engaged,
Holding on to each word released from my lips
My indoor voice captivated them as I conveyed its sentiments

Too much to handle
Mouths hitting the floor
For a first time offender
Delivering his Lyrical Bliss

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hello Earth

Hello earth,
Forgive my Clouds for raining on you this morning,
But his bladder was full and had to go
Sometime later, I will send you my Sun
To help you clear the skies and make it blue again, for
The gray hanging over your head is not a good color for you
And I hate to see you frown

My Sun tells me he loves to visit you
He loves to come out and play with you,
Clouds is terrified of him
And runs like a wild horse in the open savannah
When Sun is around

He loves that he gets to embrace your uncovered skin
And watch you disrobe and show your nakedness
Sometimes he gets a little excited and wants to play more
He takes off a layer to become bigger, and warmer,
To watch some of your people take off another layer too,
Clouds retreat for cover and await his turn to play again.

The Sun loves to watch you pick those beautiful ripe fruits,
Those sweet succulent cherries, and plums, and strawberries,
And watch you bite into them,
Chewing slowly and swallowing smoothly

My Sun has to visit the other side of the town,
Sleep well while Night is here
As tomorrow he has more plans for you
Night is only his jealous brother that takes over when he's gone.

Mental Essence

I think of you like a son in pain,
Like an eagle wounded with a busted wing,
The thought sits heavy on the deck of my mind,
Awaiting its release into your bosom

I think of your love like the pouring rain
Showering down on my hardened heart
Seeping through the cracks into my core
Seeking refuge like Napoleon Bonaparte

I think of your smile like the seven seas
Beautiful and wide, cool as spring breeze
It warms my face, removes my lines
My frown runs for cover when you’re near.

The joy you bring when you step in my space
Took me for a ride to less than common place
Your words dig deep, though true and sometimes harsh
Left my legs pending, the steps into your marsh.

I miss your touch, so tender and warm
Your eyes, intense, search my spirit for answers
Lips quiver to speak venom to my fear.
Tears force its way to sooth your hurt
And moistened my chapped lips placed on your face.

You let me in to share your space,
I pull you close so your heartbeat I could embrace
Massage your shoulders stroke the nape of your neck,
While you lie half-naked on the couch,
Body oils and the aroma of
Lit vanilla-scented candles
Fill the room while we drift off into
The land of the unknown.

No Back Talkin'

Bwoy, come 'ere!
Come 'ere now!
Who you tink you talkin' to?
I don't know who you tink you are
But it could neva be me you talking to like that.

After I work so hard to put clothes on yuh back
Mek sure you have food fi eat,
A warm place to lay your head at night
So you won't ketch pneumonia

You really talking back to me?

Mi neva have to tek you in
Afta you madda lef,
Long time now she gone
And I only year from har mussi once every few months
She sen' a likkle bit a money fi help out,
Can't even ketch, but mi affi mek it stretch
So di whole a oonu can eat

You fada,
Dat good fi nothing wukless bwoy
Weh call himself a man
Mi tell har fi nuh get mix up wid him,
But jus like how you nuh listen,
She ears hard same way
Now mi affi deal wid di crosses you bring

I couldn't bare fi stay here and watch oonu go hungry
Watch oonu live inna di ole bruk dung house
Wah him did lef all of you in
Out a di goodness a mi heart,
Mi a tek care a you an
You a talk back to mi?

You gwine bi just like him,
No good dutty foot bwoy,
Can't get a job an hold it,
Di tour bus wah dem gi him raggedy
And need a washin' like him dutty head

Dat man, you, dat man
Mi nuh see nuh diff'rance
You gwine tun good fi nutt'n just like him

You eye dem fine like fi him
You talk in tongues like him
You nu she much, like him

But dis is the last time
You back talk mi like him.

She Surrendered

After fighting all the time her wounds got deep
Hustling the streets and trying to earn her keep
Run-ins with the mafia and dudes in the street
Far from where she was, far from being a sheep

A 9 on the hip, a 38 in her crotch
That's how she rolled 'cause things were getting too much
Lost a few battles 'cause she never liked to beef
But all that changed when she made homeboy eat leaves

Vultures of the night would walk up to her face
She'd brandish her piece so they could clear her space
There was always that one who was stupid and dumb
He got it that night when she blew out his ear drum

Locals and Feds searching homes and alleys
No sign of her 'cause she move to Mystique Valley
Two years on the run, then resurfaced in the heat
And found her name painted in a star in the street

She played their game and fought their fight
Didn't know shit would change on that cold winter night
With a bounty on her head, she was tired of the life
She walked into the precinct, laid out her guns and knives.

The chief had a vendetta and was searching real hard
Fired too detectives for pulling his card
She defended herself when she pulled her gun
But the dude that she shot was his only son

She surrendered.


Love has no ears to hear no one's bullshit
It has no voice, but it calls who listens
It has no eyes to see your disfigurement
Nor does it have a mouth to critique the words you say.

Honey sweet when in heat
It makes you forget the time
You left your mate
To hook up with another dime

Money and glory covets its strength
You forget your offspring will need you at night
When you squat on the corner doing things just to pay your rent,
Then you're in a jail house, with a fat guy on your right.

Then you realize
Your life has no eyes, no ears, no voice,
Only a vision within, blinded by love.