Friday, March 20, 2009

Shower Blues

by HV

I will enjoy you
I envision you beneath the drops of hot water dancing on your skin
The heat penetrates your pores and open them
To entertain the steam rising from the surface and
Your body responds to the drops as they massage you

My jealous eyes try to penetrate you as
They are intrigued just to sit back
And watch you anoint and lather your skin
With body wash made from Shea Butter,

You slowly lift your arms to reach for something not there
And reveal the hidden curves of your cinnamon figure,
Bubbles form and pop as the water runs down your neck,
Between your melon-sized breasts and drip off the point of your nipples,
They firmly point, knowing they're being watch and lusted after

I bend a little lower to allow more light to highlight your contours
And catch a peek at your belly button
You twist your hip to conceal your delta of Venus
While reaching back to remove the dust formed from being outside
You continue to lather your skin,
Make your way tenderly down your body

You extend your left leg,
Raised it and slowly reached forward to wash your calf and feet
While my eyes are glued to your every movement
I follow you,
Your breasts extend themselves exposing their fullness
And gravity pulls them closer to her

In that moment you become more irresistible than ever
My breathing becomes heavier and I begin to react
I unbutton my shirt and slowly remove it while silhouettes of you
Attack my mind

I breathe a deep sigh, and moaned, forgetting you didn't know I was there
You turn to catch me stooped on one knee with my head cocked back
And my eyes closed, as I run my fingers through my hair,
Pretending it is yours that I caress

A bit startled, you reach for you wash cloth to cover your essentials,
But it was too late,
I had already penetrated you in my thoughts
And your body was damn near overheating
And not believing that I had invaded your comfort zone

You tried to scream but there was no sound
You reached out for me, to hit me, to
Touch me
But you are confused,

You reach for me to pull me in the shower with you but I am already there
I am the water that flows over your skin,
That ran through your bosom
That dripped from your nipple
I am the heat that opened your pores and allowed myself in without a key
I am in you and now you are witnessing the better part of me inside of you

Your body reacts to me as I cover you
You led me from the follicles of your hair
Down your body, into your pores,
You gargle and swallow my essence

You lead me to the warmer parts of you that the light does not see
You flushed me into your crevices where your juices flow from
Me touching you and you touching me
You let me taste your body, wrapped in bubbles that I pop one by one
You tried to scream when I got too hot for you
But you handled me

You engulfed me as I engulfed you
You bask in the abyss of knowing that
I was deep inside you from both ends
I made you sing
My shower blues

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divaslm said...


This is nothing but a freakin orgy feast you are on. With this recession how can your mind be on booty, tit and ass?

Oh, I forgot it's ART. LOL!