Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mental Essence

I think of you like a son in pain,
Like an eagle wounded with a busted wing,
The thought sits heavy on the deck of my mind,
Awaiting its release into your bosom

I think of your love like the pouring rain
Showering down on my hardened heart
Seeping through the cracks into my core
Seeking refuge like Napoleon Bonaparte

I think of your smile like the seven seas
Beautiful and wide, cool as spring breeze
It warms my face, removes my lines
My frown runs for cover when you’re near.

The joy you bring when you step in my space
Took me for a ride to less than common place
Your words dig deep, though true and sometimes harsh
Left my legs pending, the steps into your marsh.

I miss your touch, so tender and warm
Your eyes, intense, search my spirit for answers
Lips quiver to speak venom to my fear.
Tears force its way to sooth your hurt
And moistened my chapped lips placed on your face.

You let me in to share your space,
I pull you close so your heartbeat I could embrace
Massage your shoulders stroke the nape of your neck,
While you lie half-naked on the couch,
Body oils and the aroma of
Lit vanilla-scented candles
Fill the room while we drift off into
The land of the unknown.

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