Wednesday, March 11, 2009

She Surrendered

After fighting all the time her wounds got deep
Hustling the streets and trying to earn her keep
Run-ins with the mafia and dudes in the street
Far from where she was, far from being a sheep

A 9 on the hip, a 38 in her crotch
That's how she rolled 'cause things were getting too much
Lost a few battles 'cause she never liked to beef
But all that changed when she made homeboy eat leaves

Vultures of the night would walk up to her face
She'd brandish her piece so they could clear her space
There was always that one who was stupid and dumb
He got it that night when she blew out his ear drum

Locals and Feds searching homes and alleys
No sign of her 'cause she move to Mystique Valley
Two years on the run, then resurfaced in the heat
And found her name painted in a star in the street

She played their game and fought their fight
Didn't know shit would change on that cold winter night
With a bounty on her head, she was tired of the life
She walked into the precinct, laid out her guns and knives.

The chief had a vendetta and was searching real hard
Fired too detectives for pulling his card
She defended herself when she pulled her gun
But the dude that she shot was his only son

She surrendered.

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