Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No Back Talkin'

Bwoy, come 'ere!
Come 'ere now!
Who you tink you talkin' to?
I don't know who you tink you are
But it could neva be me you talking to like that.

After I work so hard to put clothes on yuh back
Mek sure you have food fi eat,
A warm place to lay your head at night
So you won't ketch pneumonia

You really talking back to me?

Mi neva have to tek you in
Afta you madda lef,
Long time now she gone
And I only year from har mussi once every few months
She sen' a likkle bit a money fi help out,
Can't even ketch, but mi affi mek it stretch
So di whole a oonu can eat

You fada,
Dat good fi nothing wukless bwoy
Weh call himself a man
Mi tell har fi nuh get mix up wid him,
But jus like how you nuh listen,
She ears hard same way
Now mi affi deal wid di crosses you bring

I couldn't bare fi stay here and watch oonu go hungry
Watch oonu live inna di ole bruk dung house
Wah him did lef all of you in
Out a di goodness a mi heart,
Mi a tek care a you an
You a talk back to mi?

You gwine bi just like him,
No good dutty foot bwoy,
Can't get a job an hold it,
Di tour bus wah dem gi him raggedy
And need a washin' like him dutty head

Dat man, you, dat man
Mi nuh see nuh diff'rance
You gwine tun good fi nutt'n just like him

You eye dem fine like fi him
You talk in tongues like him
You nu she much, like him

But dis is the last time
You back talk mi like him.

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