Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Jus’ Like My Father


My father was a man
A very great man
Great in a way
King Solomon couldn’t understand
In store for us he had many dreams
And would gain them by any means
Artistic was his skill
But he won’t be on my will.

The first four years of my life
Everything was cool and dandy
But shortly into the fifth
He started taking home cotton candy
From living in to visiting
He switched gears like a running motor
His vehicle he sold to trod the road
But still no money came after

His woman wasn’t my mom anymore
But this big fat ugly gal down the road,
She had the audacity to threaten my mother
In front of a roaring crowd
But if I knew then what I know now
Her body would be much flatter
Luckily I was too young and naïve
Or else her grave would be painted many times
To look good for Christmas Eve.

Jus’ like my father I never wanna be
My kids will have a father
More important a daddy
My woman will be my wife
My sweetheart and my soul mate
My companion and my lover
Like a baby under the cover
My date when I’m late
But I won’t have her wait
She’ll be my vision in my dream
My coffee with much cream
The bee in my hive and
There my soul will be alive

Jus’ like my father
I never wanna be
As far as I’m concerned
He is total history
History with no record
Nor dates of liberty
Cause all he ever added to our struggle
Was pain and misery
Now his greatest fear is love
He’s never acted like a dove
Instead he ran away from home
Like a bee with a poisoned honeycomb
Jus’ like my father I never wanna be
Looking back at life
He’ll be sad, I’ll be happy

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sexy Medicine

by HV

What's that thing you got on your face
Covered with that foundation
you trying to hide behind
Can't hide them pimples taking its place

It's because you've been stressing a lot
Always in a haste
Running here, running there
Too busy to get a taste

I've been offering you serenity
Just allow me to invade your space
Show you a great time
Where the many minutes won't go to waste

Come over here
Come let me see what you got
I can give you a stress test
That will explore your volatile spot

Remove your clothes and put this robe on
Then lie here on this bed
Free your mind of your daily toxins
Allow the tantric sound of my voice
and the music to permeate your thoughts

Release your inhibitions
Slowly you will feel tingles
Like my fingers are massaging your breasts
Inhale as I pour honey between your lips
In a few minutes, you will be stressless
And your panties will be wet

You will begin to feel
the power of my sexy medicine.

Monday, June 29, 2009


by HV

I'm scared...

Of what?

How I'm gonna feel after

So, how do you feel now?

I mean, I like you and all,
and you're so cute and handsome
[Rollin my eyes]
But I don't know if you gonna talk to me after

After what?

After we have sex
What do you mean after what?
What are you thinking about?

What do you mean what am I thinking about?
Are you serious?

Tell me!

Well, the fact that you got me to drive all the way here
At 11 o' clock at night,
And almost got hit by an 18-wheeler,
then I stopped to get you food, all swollen and panting,
thinking about how golden brown your ass cheeks look
in those blue laced boy shorts
from the picture you sent me
had me running stop signs and hitting pot holes and
damn near bent my new rims
you definitely know what I'm thinking about.

No, tell me!

Baby, I'm thinking I'm coming here to help you undress
and paint your nipples with my tongue
Trickle honey on your body,
make little shapes of hearts and a trail from
your lips down between your breasts
and further down where the green becomes the rough
and the earth becomes soft, wet, slippery and sweet.

I'm thinking when we see each other,
you gonna open the door with nothin
but a sheer lingerie robe on, in my favorite color
I'm thinking you gonna jump on me like I just finished a 20 year bid,
or I just got back from serving my military duties,
and I'm hornier than a ram goat,
I'm thinking, why the hell you got me over here,
sitting in the middle of your damn bed, necked,
having you snapping photos of my dick
drooling for your pussy, and you're still dressed.

Baby, it's not like that
and I only got on panties, a shirt and some shorts

And that's a lot more than what I'm wearing

It not that...

Then, what's going on in that head of yours?

See, I've never ever ever had sex before
I didn't think you would come till you showed at the door
I know it took you two hours to get over here
But I was afraid to tell you my lil red friend was here
I'm really feeling you and I want you to stay
We can cuddle watch a movie instead of playing Marvin Gaye
I hope you're not mad, I still want you...
Damn, your dick went down,
so no head for you to erase that frown

I can get it back up though you turned me off
I am just disappointed that's why it got so soft
Its cool, we can chill and take it slow
But in 15 minutes, I gotta go.

Why you gonna leave?
I thought there was more
Cause of a little red, you gonna fly through the door
So you lied when you said it wasn't only one thing
You lied when you said you scoping out diamond rings

It's not like that boo, you got it twisted
You told me all that shit just to mess with my head
Why, you think I'm scared of a little red
It just ain't right to trick me then got me bucky necked,
And you're not even trying to give me some head

Plus I heard about you from that dude last week
He ran in on the train and even bit your ass cheek
He could be real, he could be lying
But that aint my biz when my dick is dying
You got me over here now my blue balls are crying
Gimme likkle sugar let my veins start popping
Let me part your lips before I gotta start driving

If you don't want to do it
I will lie here with you and
Kiss up on your breast till you get horny too
Play with your hair, and take it real slow
Just know that when it's time to go
Your mama's gonna know.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


by HV

The cloud was intense
Faces hidden like a deep fog
had swept over the room
Eyes watery, red
Sober city was no where close
But they had to catch the red eye

Their blood was still boiling
after getting a red eye

Anxiety heightened as they arrived
at the next venue

PAD Challenge: Day 16


by HV

With swollen limbs from
short breathless walks
Stretched skin and
worn elastic lined her pant waist
She clutches at the rail
she uses to help her climb the stairs

She pauses after three steps,
Continues, then pauses again
Taking a sip from her water bottle
While searching the area
with intent eyes
as if wanting to ask for help

Her steps were precise,
And paced

She struggles to move faster
But her care was not in her pace
Radiant and glowing,
She trod on with
The globe she carried
in front of her.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Prelude to The Kiss

by HV

Falling hard,
The ground felt the vibrations
from her pulses as she hit it with
the sound of thunder
Her body shook profusely

Failed attempts caused
her blurry vision to worsen
Hope was dead to her
Time after time
a brave soul would approach her
trying to make his mark

Botanical bribery in large proportions
was a useless choice
Fragrance abuse used in dramatic
circumstances almost broke her,
but her pheromones resisted
the temptations warming scents stirred in her

Winter winds and ice storms
took a back seat to her rigid core
Sun rays approached with caution
At times, they just didn't show
She was like a deep crack in
the earth from an earthquake
Filling her void wouldn't be easy

She grew hungry
Disappointed from weak
game spitting and resume dropping
Coming up short in ways unimaginable
Toe-sucking didn't phase her,
Money and power couldn't play her

She grew hungrier,
Yearning for more than
her suitors could provide her
She was broken

She was the ultimate challenge
Like a government restructure
But I had to make my mark

I engaged her
Her trump was undiscovered but
At chess and poker I'm a master

I took a survey of her plot and charted a path
Showed her my plan but she started to laugh
She called me a clown, and started to tease
She didn't know my sketch was just a rough draft

On her voice mail I left small correspondence
Told her jokes she had heard but of unfamiliar sentiments
Denied invitations for brunch,
Refused tokens of care
At times pretending I wasn't even there

But in a pivotal moment of pure innocence
With a fruit cup in hand I stopped her in her track,
Showed her I was serious
In my mind there was no turning back

I fed her a cherry and it quivered her feet
Shared how much I want her
And I will take no defeat
Twirled her twice in the middle of the street
Then warmed her heart with a little tongue heat

I kissed her, first on the cheek
Again I kissed her to the sound of rhythms in her speech
And kissed her till I cracked her mountain of ice
Her body came alive after her pulse beat twice

I held her
Closer than anyone had
She whispered sweetly that
I was being bad
So I walked my tongue
on the curve of her neck
She lost control and almost fell to the deck

The icy structure
around her frame
had melted quickly
Her smile reappeared and
Sent charges through me
I responded with a jolt
That hit one of my spots
I touched back one of hers
And she got real hot

With her in my arms
Palms gripping like a lion's paw
She surrendered
Animal instincts kicked in

I lent her my tongue and she pulled it in
She lent me hers and we tangled
Sweet saliva transfers
released tantric pulses
I obliged her
Captivated her essence
Explored her
starving Serengeti
Filled her void
and her wish
I fulfilled with
One last


by HV

Her face
Stricken with sadness
A smile was miles away

The earplugs in her ear
transmits sounds of melancholy
Twiddling her thumbs,
images behind distant
gazes occupied her spirit

Consumed by a dream that
hinders her happiness
Wrinkled eyes and flushed cheeks
tell tales of worry and loss

In that moment
She was losing herself