Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sexy Medicine

by HV

What's that thing you got on your face
Covered with that foundation
you trying to hide behind
Can't hide them pimples taking its place

It's because you've been stressing a lot
Always in a haste
Running here, running there
Too busy to get a taste

I've been offering you serenity
Just allow me to invade your space
Show you a great time
Where the many minutes won't go to waste

Come over here
Come let me see what you got
I can give you a stress test
That will explore your volatile spot

Remove your clothes and put this robe on
Then lie here on this bed
Free your mind of your daily toxins
Allow the tantric sound of my voice
and the music to permeate your thoughts

Release your inhibitions
Slowly you will feel tingles
Like my fingers are massaging your breasts
Inhale as I pour honey between your lips
In a few minutes, you will be stressless
And your panties will be wet

You will begin to feel
the power of my sexy medicine.

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