Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Jus’ Like My Father


My father was a man
A very great man
Great in a way
King Solomon couldn’t understand
In store for us he had many dreams
And would gain them by any means
Artistic was his skill
But he won’t be on my will.

The first four years of my life
Everything was cool and dandy
But shortly into the fifth
He started taking home cotton candy
From living in to visiting
He switched gears like a running motor
His vehicle he sold to trod the road
But still no money came after

His woman wasn’t my mom anymore
But this big fat ugly gal down the road,
She had the audacity to threaten my mother
In front of a roaring crowd
But if I knew then what I know now
Her body would be much flatter
Luckily I was too young and naïve
Or else her grave would be painted many times
To look good for Christmas Eve.

Jus’ like my father I never wanna be
My kids will have a father
More important a daddy
My woman will be my wife
My sweetheart and my soul mate
My companion and my lover
Like a baby under the cover
My date when I’m late
But I won’t have her wait
She’ll be my vision in my dream
My coffee with much cream
The bee in my hive and
There my soul will be alive

Jus’ like my father
I never wanna be
As far as I’m concerned
He is total history
History with no record
Nor dates of liberty
Cause all he ever added to our struggle
Was pain and misery
Now his greatest fear is love
He’s never acted like a dove
Instead he ran away from home
Like a bee with a poisoned honeycomb
Jus’ like my father I never wanna be
Looking back at life
He’ll be sad, I’ll be happy

1 comment:

Restored2life said...

Hugh! That was amazing; you do not understand how much emotion you invoke in others! The reference to the Bee hive is pretty poignant. It makes the mind think of unity within individualism. Like you know that that is your father, you share his blood; but you are two very different men. Very powerful. That was raw and truthful, I have got to read that again.... wow.