Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Game got dissed..!

"Back in the day when I was young I'm not a kid anymore..", as the lyrics said, this is a video of The Game getting dissed on a TV show. Rather clean-cut and tat-less, The Game couldn't convince his woman to continue dating him. I wonder what she's thinking now! Funny how the tables turn. Ha ha!


Can you do the "Dutty Wine"?

Jamaican's have long been known to create a dance with a song. Unfortunately, here's what happens when the dance becomes so extreme and is considered the Dance of Death! Read the following article, then watch this Dutty Wine video. I don't know about you but my neck hurts watching these.

Imhotep Out!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Are you f&*&@#$ crazy???

"I started to push that bitch off the boat for that but her ass can't swim, and I ain't feeling like going in there after her."

New York! Deelishus! Deelishus! New York! Obviously New York got some shyte going on with her. She feels she owns this ugly dude! I wasn't around when Flav was rappin', but whateva! He obviously does him! He's got a unique style and that attracts unique women. Deelishus, she's hot! she's got dimples that can hide you when the cops come... Ha ha ha...! I like Dee, she's cool and down to earth but New York is a nut case.
Deelishus got a body though, my goodness! As her ass bounces, I can feel them cheeks in the palm of my hands. Hot Damn!
You know what? I'm not gonna sit here and write this blog cause, New York already got the boot! They all crazy!!!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Geico's Commercial - Caveman!

I was watching the Geico commercial, the one with the "caveman", the news reporter and some other chick. If I'm the only one noticing but the info in this commercial is misleading. How are they gonna say that cavemen created the wheel, and fire, and laid the foundation for civilization? Where the heck did that bull come from? Didn't the cavemen exist after the Egyptian civilization existed? Didn't they have to use a wheel or pulley system to help them build those wonders of the world we know as the Pyramids of Giza? So why is Geico misleading the audience, who is too dumb to realize the fallacy in their information?
Scientists and Archaeologists till this day have trouble figuring out how they created them, and the theories to discredit the Egyptians go on and on. Now I know why someone wrote a book called, "Lies My Teacher Told Me". That's that bull shyte!
Any who... I could go on and on but I gotta run...


Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I learned early!
I felt I had to lie at times
To avoid being punished for the truth
I was told not to lie,
But not the reason why

I was chastised by the truth and didn't understand,
So I cried
The fear of man was put in me,
And he was not there to stop it.

© 2006

Can you feel me?

My mind is a powerful thing!
Close your eyes and feel me flow through your veins
Think of me as the blood that sustains your body
Think of me as the cells that regenerate and make you smile
Can you feel me now?

© 2006

Listening To The Rain

As I lie here, and listen to the rain
The teardrops on the roof
Reminds me of the hurt and pain
That pounded on my heart

Not long ago,
In a desolate place, I found myself,
No one to talk to,
No one to call my own

My canteen dry, my ration low
Scavengers feast and swarm about my head
Waiting for my burnt feet and feeble knees
To collapse, leaving me at their mercy

Voiceless bodies around me,
Heavily wounded, bullet ridden
Bloodily camouflaged
Canvassing the ground

Clap, clap, boom,
I awoke to my daughters cry
Lightning and thunder scared her
As I lie here and listen to the rain.


Living In His Shadow

Uncertainties dwell deep within
Haunts my present for my past is left unsettled
I trust my heart to tell my fears
That has kept me abound for all these years
Little things like being alone and left unfed
Makes me shake in my sleep,
I could scare the dead

Unspoken words,
Unresolved issues,
Unbelievable thoughts,
Unkind deeds…

Dare I speak the depth of my spirit?
Must I share every detailed hurt?

Tears flow freely to relieve me
Of the pain I feel
For my reality isn’t real.
A part of me died when the Lord cried.

My father…
Why have you forsaken me?

My future relies on the past I’ve lived
But, I lack the knowledge of my history
Each day I live in a foreign shadow
Of a man that did much to me.

Why have you neglected me?

You have no answers
To quench my thirst for the truth about
Who I am, where I stand, what I will be!
Thanks to my father,
You were never truly meant for me.

I sought refuge in places scorned by the homeless
I turn to vagabonds for the love you never gave
I solicit answers and stories from the tales of the dead
But I triumphed, I survived and I live.

© 2005

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wild Orchid!

Have you seen Emily?

The pale-skinned vixen with lips like candy filled with pure honey, and eyes blue like the ocean bed, gets caught in compromising positions and is taken without remorse.
She exudes an acquiring lust and heat when passion is rare. Her scantily clad voluptuousness jumps out at moments notice, and takes over your common sense.

What more can a place like Rio offer and what more can one ask for? I felt like I was in the middle of the deal making celebration in the heart of the Brazilian carnival (a place I shall visit).

"Why does it feel like if I reach out to touch you, you'll suddenly disappear?"

Nuff said!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Karaoke Anyone?

If this isn't strange I don't know what is. Over a year ago, someone in the office told me in a "not so nice way" that I can't sing for shyte. I kinda stopped cause sometimes when you have your headphones on, and your singing in your head, then blurt out a few lines that hit you real good... You get the picture.

So this brave soul decided to come over and nicely point out that I sound like a broken piano with all it's keys missing. I calmly swallowed my pride and shut the hell up.

Why after a year has passed, that same "special" person is still telling me, yet again, that I have a great voice after singing at a work event fondly known as the New Hire Karaoke Reception? I smile and said thanks.

So... we have some talent in the firm. A lot of talent. Have folks who can tell you everything about things like sports bikes, Star Treks next adventure, tumble weed and who framed roger rabbit. Some real talent lives here.

BUT, why in hell did one new hire decide to sing New York, New York? Dude, you are in Boston. Do it! Do it! Do it again and I'm gonna take you out to the ball game, and put you beneath the Red Sox mound! Smile.

I'm out!

What's next?

It is 5:34 on Saturday afternoon as I sit here with laptop in hand and Michigan kicking MSU's ass on ESPN.
My belly is full cause I just had some friend plantains with sardines and cornmeal porridge. Quite a meal when I'm expecting to eat again in an hour or so.

So, after a few months of ignoring my pieces of steel I have tucked away, I took 'em out and met up with Pat at the range. How did we do? If Pat had to shoot from 50 ft, a mice with its head sticking out of a 1/2 inch pipe, he'd nail that sucker. If I had to hit a buffalo at the same distance, and he's coming at me head on in full speed, I'd be laid up in the hospital with all my bones broken, and a horn coming out my left cheek. Bottom line, I sucked!

While my Saturday morning involved more planning and coordinating resources to work on my "gone-bad" house project, the afternoon is a struggle from having to deal with the remnants of 4 long island ice teas in my system from last night. My limit is usually two but after having being pissed off by someone, and knowing that I have to drive them home, I drank summore so the drive home would be a little unusual.

Did any of that make any sense? Whatever answer you came up with, keep it to yourself! It might be an indication of what might happen if I decide to pull out the bad boys of steel and have a heart to heart with the offender.

Haha... I'm jokin!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Stole my name!

Okay! It's enough that it's about 2:20 in the morning and I'm creating a blog. Why? That's a great question.
Every name I could think of that could define me was taken. I even tried my IM name and someone stole that too. Is that a sign that I must refrain from using simple easy-to-remember names or is it that someone saw my shit and wanted to piss me off by stealing it.

I had to drive back to Boston tonight because I had a Masonic engagement (Scooby meeting - as my friend describes it) to attend to. I'm glad I went though I really had no choice but darn it took way too long. For fear of falling asleep, I drank a Bedroom Bully and a Monster Chaos on my way back. Now I'm wired as I'm typing this nonsense.

How fast was I going? I left Codman Sq at about 12:08, and made it to my hotel in Providence sometime before 1:00 AM (exactly 12:37). I'm just happy the staties turn a blind eye when they see me coming (knocking on wood as I type this).

Anywho, that motha@#!%* who stole my Q4PLAY name, please give it back. I'm tired of you low down dirty harry watching, late night poker playing, cool weather bike riding, punk hair cut bandoo wearing geeks taking my shyte.

Ha ha.. yeah... I said it! WHAT!!!