Saturday, October 07, 2006

Karaoke Anyone?

If this isn't strange I don't know what is. Over a year ago, someone in the office told me in a "not so nice way" that I can't sing for shyte. I kinda stopped cause sometimes when you have your headphones on, and your singing in your head, then blurt out a few lines that hit you real good... You get the picture.

So this brave soul decided to come over and nicely point out that I sound like a broken piano with all it's keys missing. I calmly swallowed my pride and shut the hell up.

Why after a year has passed, that same "special" person is still telling me, yet again, that I have a great voice after singing at a work event fondly known as the New Hire Karaoke Reception? I smile and said thanks.

So... we have some talent in the firm. A lot of talent. Have folks who can tell you everything about things like sports bikes, Star Treks next adventure, tumble weed and who framed roger rabbit. Some real talent lives here.

BUT, why in hell did one new hire decide to sing New York, New York? Dude, you are in Boston. Do it! Do it! Do it again and I'm gonna take you out to the ball game, and put you beneath the Red Sox mound! Smile.

I'm out!

1 comment:

Patrick said...

New York, New Yo.... oh wait. Nope. :) Later Torre. Some get that kid a Boston hat, or maybe a Yankee Haters hat.