Friday, October 20, 2006

Are you f&*&@#$ crazy???

"I started to push that bitch off the boat for that but her ass can't swim, and I ain't feeling like going in there after her."

New York! Deelishus! Deelishus! New York! Obviously New York got some shyte going on with her. She feels she owns this ugly dude! I wasn't around when Flav was rappin', but whateva! He obviously does him! He's got a unique style and that attracts unique women. Deelishus, she's hot! she's got dimples that can hide you when the cops come... Ha ha ha...! I like Dee, she's cool and down to earth but New York is a nut case.
Deelishus got a body though, my goodness! As her ass bounces, I can feel them cheeks in the palm of my hands. Hot Damn!
You know what? I'm not gonna sit here and write this blog cause, New York already got the boot! They all crazy!!!



divaslm said...

That is one reason I don't watch the show. I can't see anybody wanting to get intimate with Flava Flav. It is all a publicity stunt. Hoopz, etc.. are all using this to get famous. I have to admit with the country's infatuation of the show, it is working.

Njeri Ayana said...

I washed one episode in complete shock. I had no idea the man was so... so... challenged where looks were concerned, and.. for the love of god intelligence as well. I watch in horror as I try to think exactly who their target audience could be... if it's black americans... i pray they don't see themselves in that ideal and if it's young white folk, i pray to god the balance shifts soon and very soon.

Jah Guide!