Saturday, October 07, 2006

What's next?

It is 5:34 on Saturday afternoon as I sit here with laptop in hand and Michigan kicking MSU's ass on ESPN.
My belly is full cause I just had some friend plantains with sardines and cornmeal porridge. Quite a meal when I'm expecting to eat again in an hour or so.

So, after a few months of ignoring my pieces of steel I have tucked away, I took 'em out and met up with Pat at the range. How did we do? If Pat had to shoot from 50 ft, a mice with its head sticking out of a 1/2 inch pipe, he'd nail that sucker. If I had to hit a buffalo at the same distance, and he's coming at me head on in full speed, I'd be laid up in the hospital with all my bones broken, and a horn coming out my left cheek. Bottom line, I sucked!

While my Saturday morning involved more planning and coordinating resources to work on my "gone-bad" house project, the afternoon is a struggle from having to deal with the remnants of 4 long island ice teas in my system from last night. My limit is usually two but after having being pissed off by someone, and knowing that I have to drive them home, I drank summore so the drive home would be a little unusual.

Did any of that make any sense? Whatever answer you came up with, keep it to yourself! It might be an indication of what might happen if I decide to pull out the bad boys of steel and have a heart to heart with the offender.

Haha... I'm jokin!

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Patrick said...

That's quite the comment, but I doubt I would be hitting a mouse from 50 feet. I certainly miss seeing you out there though, it was very nice to have you back for a weekend of sending lead down range. Keep in mind I shot 2-4 times a week for the past 3 months, but I would rather have a house even with all the headaches than be able to hit a target with precision. Sorry to hear the house has become a headache, but based on my history with contractors I certainly understand. My offer to help you out still stands, don't be so stubborn, take me up on that offer.