Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Get Along?

Are you serious?
You really asking me why we all can’t get along?
Get along how?
Get along when?

When we get a long life sentence for creating other uses for our medicinal herb
When we got a long way to walk to the next rest stop cause…
This one full of whites only trying to take us out of the game
By ducking our heads under the water five at a time.

Get along?
When we get a long bellyache from eating the twenty year-old
Chickens you send to my paradise, Jamaica.
You didn’t even think that we were smart enough to smell the stench of your evil.
Then, you had the audacity to redirect the shipment to Haiti,
And taint their practices you didn't understand and called it voodoo?
No wonder Toussaint kicked your ass out.

Get along?
When you rape all of our ganja fields
Sodomize the dairy industry
Buggerize the sugar factories

Mickey D and Miss Wendy,
You came in and said you will buy our cows that are healthy and strong.
For the meat is not doped up with cancerous agents and steroids.
But why would you buy the cows
When you have them in my barns screaming for hallelujah at nights,
And when dem disappear, you bring in your mad cow.

Get along?
You take the sunshine I provide and try to look like me.
Trying to look like this dark succulent man-dingo Negro,
And didn’t realize that I didn’t deem you worthy of my melanin
You think I would then protect you from the cancerous plagues you suffer.

Get along?
You breathe the air I breathed into your nostrils
When you came to my throne
On your knees with tears in your eyes,
Begging profusely for my sustenance

Get along?
When my mother let you in her house
And you butcher her?
You butcha mi madda, mi fada
Mi bredda, mi sista, mi uncle, mi nephew, mi niece,
Then you want to tell me you had to release?
You even drink the blood and use it to make candy cane

Listen to me
Give me back my Kings and Queens and then I’ll consider
Your sentence

Get a life!

© 2002 Hugh V. Collins. All rights reserved.
No republication of this material, in any form or medium, is permitted without express permission of the author.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Miles away I can feel your breeze
Intimately caressing my mind,
Revelations of your everlasting tenderness
Admired as one of a kind
Nubian sister might I ask how you’re
Defying the very gravity we know?
Eagle-eyed Goddess of Kemet, release to me your passions to know

Virtuous woman of the seven seas
An envy of those who cannot see
Longing to meet the face of Aset,
Balanced with natural zest
Respecter of self and lover of life
Undefined charisma,
Nonchalant, divine, and
Eclectic in every way.