Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Stole my name!

Okay! It's enough that it's about 2:20 in the morning and I'm creating a blog. Why? That's a great question.
Every name I could think of that could define me was taken. I even tried my IM name and someone stole that too. Is that a sign that I must refrain from using simple easy-to-remember names or is it that someone saw my shit and wanted to piss me off by stealing it.

I had to drive back to Boston tonight because I had a Masonic engagement (Scooby meeting - as my friend describes it) to attend to. I'm glad I went though I really had no choice but darn it took way too long. For fear of falling asleep, I drank a Bedroom Bully and a Monster Chaos on my way back. Now I'm wired as I'm typing this nonsense.

How fast was I going? I left Codman Sq at about 12:08, and made it to my hotel in Providence sometime before 1:00 AM (exactly 12:37). I'm just happy the staties turn a blind eye when they see me coming (knocking on wood as I type this).

Anywho, that motha@#!%* who stole my Q4PLAY name, please give it back. I'm tired of you low down dirty harry watching, late night poker playing, cool weather bike riding, punk hair cut bandoo wearing geeks taking my shyte.

Ha ha.. yeah... I said it! WHAT!!!

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