Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Black Thang

A black woman
Dates a black man
Then have a black baby
Via a black egg and a black sperm

The black woman
Feeds the black baby
With her black breasts
That squirts almost white milk
Why is the milk almost white?
Fine…no problem

A pink woman
Seduce a black man
The black man feels sorry for the pink woman
The black man and the pink woman
Have a tangle that produces a confused mulatto baby
In light of a disagreement,
The black man pulls right, the pink woman pulls left
The black man wins the tug-o-war
The pink woman claims it is theft

The pink woman lied to mulatto baby
So the mulatto baby think he’s pink
The mulatto baby discovers the truth
And then said pink people stink

The pink justice
Defends the pink woman
For the black man have no right
The mulatto baby like the black man
But don’t understand why the black man always has to fight.
So the pink woman tells the mulatto baby that
The black man dark like night

The pink woman convince the mulatto baby that
Pink is not an ink
But is because she bathe every night and day
Then cover herself with fancy mink
The mulatto baby believed
Didn’t know he was deceived
Cause there’s no black man to take his own stand

The pink woman tells the mulatto baby to
Act pink
Talk pink
Sing pink
Dance pink
Wear pink
Smell pink
Live pink and think pink.

But the mulatto baby remembered
When the black man had said…
Act black
Talk black
Sing black
Dance black
Dress black
Live black and think black
Just be yourself,
Be black, 'cause you are black.

The mulatto baby then said
Pink is stink covered in mink
That allows you privileges of all kind
Black is the target of all oppression,
A CIA bullet and an imprisoned life

If I act pink,
I can get away with the deadliest crime
I can beat a nigger and not worry
I can do all sorts of things and cover it up
I would have the pink justice system to back me
And…I wouldn’t have to worry about jobs

But if I be myself, be black
All hell would break loose
Cops watching my ass everywhere I go
Storekeepers acting like surveillance cameras
I might be in jail or dead by the time I hit twenty
Need I say more?
Cause y’all know the rest of the story

The mulatto baby then said (crying)
I wish I had a black mother
I wish that pink woman hadn’t seduced my black father
I wish it were a black thang
Cause once you go black you can’t go back
But once you go pink
You’ll forever need a shrink.

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Anonymous said...

This was INSANE. I ♥ it! So brillant... so insanely brillant.

Well done.