Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hello Earth

Hello earth,
Forgive my Clouds for raining on you this morning,
But his bladder was full and had to go
Sometime later, I will send you my Sun
To help you clear the skies and make it blue again, for
The gray hanging over your head is not a good color for you
And I hate to see you frown

My Sun tells me he loves to visit you
He loves to come out and play with you,
Clouds is terrified of him
And runs like a wild horse in the open savannah
When Sun is around

He loves that he gets to embrace your uncovered skin
And watch you disrobe and show your nakedness
Sometimes he gets a little excited and wants to play more
He takes off a layer to become bigger, and warmer,
To watch some of your people take off another layer too,
Clouds retreat for cover and await his turn to play again.

The Sun loves to watch you pick those beautiful ripe fruits,
Those sweet succulent cherries, and plums, and strawberries,
And watch you bite into them,
Chewing slowly and swallowing smoothly

My Sun has to visit the other side of the town,
Sleep well while Night is here
As tomorrow he has more plans for you
Night is only his jealous brother that takes over when he's gone.

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