Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Something Good

Send me something good
Send me something more revealing
More visible than a tree in the wilderness
Something close enough to reveal the pistil in your flower

I liked that one but it is still covered,
The flower is not revealed

You say you don't send things
Like that to someone casual
Someone you barely know the meaning of their name

You think I am bad news because
I get you to act unladylike?
You want me to delete my prized possession?

Why would I delete from memory the imagery
Of you and your garden of Eden
That I hold so dear

Send me something good

You say the words I speak
Or put on paper is the fruit of my poison
It's got you tantalized and will probably
Have you spreading eagle at the drop of
Another phrase

You say my words have you losing common sense
And sensibility, but you reveal the rhythm of your heart
When you robe yourself in the tantric sound of my voice

I challenge you to a dance on my Soca head,
And a drink and wine till you regain your senses

Send me something good.

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