Friday, March 27, 2009


by HV

Walking along the shopping boulevard,
I thought deceit had filled my blood-shot eyes
I stopped for a minute,
I stared

Through tinted glass windows
She caught my eyes,
I locked her in
Like a target in the scope of a snipers rifle
Clad in a skin-tight black skirt,
She stood still.
With curves sharper than a Sumari,
She was ready to manhandle her prey.

I took a few steps to get a closer look.
My heart beat faster
As my mind filled with
Thoughts of being in her.
Vivid images raced through me
Images of tender touches, endless caresses
My fingers tensed. I could feel
Them washing her dark succulent body
To rid her of the dust that invaded her skin.

I stepped in to face my fear
Of this earthly creature,
a beauty so rare

The cold AC stimulates her sensitive buttons
As she stood, poised on the showroom floor,
I strolled around her,
She had a beautiful rear so tight,
The sight was almost painful to bear.
With my eyes glued to her
Almond-shaped halogen green eyes,
We stared at each other.
I touched her with my right hand, but she stood still
As I made its way down her side,
Her sparkle-filled chrome-like finished shoe dazzled me

Her rock-hard musculature revealed
Her courage within

I slid my hand beneath her skirt
To find the secret she hid
Fine pistons and 500 horses
Roamed her grassy land.
Her juices were four strengths richer
Than the V8 we sip on a hot summer day.

My thirst she quenched,
I looked no more.
I took her home and
Thirst no more
For my Mercedes SL 600

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