Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Silent Killer

by HV

As it sweeps through with
The particles flowing in the atmosphere,
It slowly irritates the soul
Meddling with the antibodies
Provoking, and aiming at its only simple goal.

Its invisible structure
Undetected by the scientific apparatus
That aids us,
It is so handsomely molded
With the ‘would be pure’ oxygen
That so dearly keeps us

Now this silent killer,
Killing us softly as
The dawn of the day,
Slowly highlights itself,
Never thought that one day
This silent killer would harm you,
Because you love it so dearly

I hate the silent killer
Like I hate smoking
Like I hate drinking
Like I hate cancer
Like I hate drugs
Like I hate aids
Like I despise anything that’s bad

This silent killer
Slowly instilled in the young hearts of the people
This silent killer
Deeply embedded in the young minds of our children,
This silent killer…
So clear but so opaque
So announced but so neglected
So everything but so nothing
This silent killer
I hate it so bad.

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