Wednesday, April 01, 2009

If I Could

by HV

If I could…
I would fly like an eagle on a high,
And sit in the eye of the storm
Go through college campuses like wild fire
And raise havoc in the dorms

I would dig trenches to lead away stagnant water
And refill dry ponds with blood
Deserts would one day awake
And realize there was a flood

Like a piece of paper being blown in the wind
I would hit anything in my path
And land on anything I could find
I would smudge the newly painted park benches
And tear down the barriers
That the naked eye cannot see

If I could…
I would change my name and no one would know
I would enter the Pentagon stealthily
And turn it into another shape
I would fire the politicians and hire civil fools

And If I could…
I would change this poem.

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