Thursday, April 09, 2009

Memory of a Time and Space

by HV

I am imagining the possibilities...
and the memories of a time and space
when opportunity was there to be had
I left the scene empty handed, shyness made me sad
now a memory of that time and space
is embraced like the wind after it left her body
and brought the scents of her
sweet nectar into my nostrils,
heightened my senses
peaked my hormones and
enraged the beast in me
I remember the memory of that time and space, and
The memory of that same shy place

PAD Challenge: Day 9


Cinn said...

I am so glad you are looking at PAD. It will be nice to have another person to go throught the experience with. I liked this piece a lot. Love the imagery!!

Third Eye Watching said...

Thank you Cinn. It will be quite a challenge but I will embrace it as I did the images in my memory.