Friday, April 10, 2009

Squeeze Me

by HV

Squeeze me
Not there,
Squeeze my bottom first
and work your way up
Do it slowly
Like how you peel a banana
Yes, just like that

Yeah, to get the best of me
Use your thumbs and fingers
To massage me
I can feel it
I love how you make me feel

Embrace my skin
Beneath your fingers
Squeeze a little harder
But gently

Position me properly so
If I squirt with too much force
I won't miss your head
Right there is good
Cause I am coming

Like each morning you awake
and before you retire to bed
I am the first and last
to fill your mouth
with the tastiest minty sud bubbles
No other toothpaste can offer you,
I only wish you would swallow.

PAD Challenge: Day 8

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