Monday, April 13, 2009

First Friday

by HV

I wish this work day could be done...
A moment to look forward to
Long after the sun resigns
to catch up on its rest
Paid patrons find reasons or
makes excuses to visit night spots of
venues promoting First Fridays

One these nights in changing seasons,
Suits, button downs and slacks become the norm for attire,
Forget the Timberland boots and jeans
sagging off your ass cheeks,
Forget the wallet chains and baseball caps
Forget the bandannas that may
represent your affiliation to your so-called posse,
or click of pussies

It's a Friday night where stilettos and
fuck-me pumps are a turn on
Where short skin-tight skirts and long shirts
worn as dresses
can be appreciated by an alpha male
Long smooth legs wrapped around
my body becomes my fantasy for the night
And the perfect dance
partner is sought out

On a Friday night like this,
when the lights are dim and
horny men and women
press their pelvis against each other
while gyrating their hips,
They try to feel what I am working with
After watching dollars pulled from my pockets
Everyone becomes a prey,
Hunted for the purpose of the nights' highlight

And bread is broken among
strangers at early morning diners

A Friday night like this,
a night worth remembering

PAD Challenge: Day 10

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